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From Lab to Real World Solutions

Built on over a decade of research, Mitovation is now focused on commercializing novel technology poised to address a critical unmet need

Basic Science

Mitovation’s technology was first discovered in the labs of Drs. Huttemann and Sanderson.

Small animal studies

After initial discovery, the infrared light technology was tested and assessed in small rodent models of cardiac arrest/ resuscitation to confirm safety and efficacy.

Our future

Mitovation anticipates begining
First-in-Man clinical trials in 2022.

Large animal studies

Following confirmation of neuroprotective benefit in small animal models, Mitovation started studying IRL’s effects in large animals, which are more biologically similar to humans.

Human Modeling

Mitovation is currently developing sophisticated computer models to understand the way light passes through human biological tissues.

Our Mission

Mitovation is dedicated to bringing novel technology to the treatment of reperfusion brain injuries. Our goal is to commercialize products that improve short and long term quality of life in children and adults.

What We're Doing

Mitovation is currently conducting grant funded research and developing its product with the help of multiple partners.

Why it Matters

Those who experience different types of brain injuries have poor short and long term outcomes with limited treatment options available to them. Our approach has the potential to address these critical unmet needs and bring value to our healthcare system.

Mitovation’s story began in the labs of Drs. Maik Huttemann and Thomas Sanderson. Starting in 2006, they sought to understand the ways in which infrared light (IRL) of varying wavelengths interact with subcellular structures. This work led to the eventual discovery behind Mitovation’s unique technology: that specific wavelengths of infrared light can inhibit sub-cellular reactions in cells that have been reperfused after being denied blood flow and oxygen. This concept was initially confirmed by Drs. Huttemann and Sanderson in the lab, and eventually led to testing in small and large animal models of cardiac arrest/resuscitation as well as neonatal hypoxia/ischemia. To date, this work has confirmed infrared light’s neuroprotective effects on the brain. Animals treated with Mitovation therapy have less brain damage and better functional outcomes than control groups.

Drs. Huttemann and Sanderson founded the company in November of 2016 with the intent to translate this minimally invasive, groundbreaking technology to humans. With generous support from multiple granting agencies including the NIH and DoD, Mitovation’s team has been able to continue its ongoing investigation of IRL in multiple animal models, and start the design and development of a commercial prototype to be used in First-in-Man studies in the process of achieving FDA clearance.

Mitovation is currently seeking investment to accelerate the commercialization of our product. For more information, please provide your email below or fill out a form in the Contact section of our website.

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